Ongoing Conservation & Rewilding at Ellenden Farm

Since we started this project in 2020 we have opened up 200 acres of ancient woodland to sunlight to encourage the growth of flora and fauna. We have taken out overcrowded oaks and vegetation to let the strong survive and we enhanced our efforts for vegetation management practice by opening up acres of butterfly highways to encourage all pollinators to move through the woodlands. This work has increased all wildlife activity and for the first time in many years the Nightingales are singing throughout the night!

In the fields, we are in the ongoing process of restoring grasslands back to meadows and sowing fields with winter food to feed the wild birds and hold them on the farm till they nest again in the spring. The fields are alive with Skylarks and other wonderful species including harvest mice.

Our ongoing work with the RSPB especially focusing on Turtle Doves has seen us develop their habitat, add ponds and feed them during the summer months. We have also extended the ponds to create shallow areas for birds and wildlife to visit.

We have planted over 2000 UK native hedge saplings with many thousands still to go. This creates safety for nesting birds along with food and pollinating opportunities for insects. This year we start work with Woodland Trust on new dormice projects to encourage breeding and protection.

The farm has become home to many rare species of insects including the Fiery Clearwing and The Shrill Carder Bee.  The work is rewarding and we have a great team of advisors who are passionate and support us brilliantly. This year we won a national award for the team’s work with promoting habitat for the bees which was appreciated and encouraging. We have a long way to go on all projects to help protect our environment and nature.

We always need volunteers with planting, surveys, clearing litter and if you would like to help out we can’t pay but a weekend in shepherds hut surrounded by nature may help?  If you would like to be part of our ongoing vision please let us know we welcome the help and input!